Portfolio | Property Photography

Assignments include luxury villas, hotels, restaurants and apartments.  No property too big or too small.

When the Ibiza sun is at it’s peak, the very hardest of shadows are cast and extreme, unwanted contrast is created.  To show the very best of the location and property, time of day is a key consideration and the results will speak for themselves.  In some cases, more than one visit may be necessary.

Before photographing any property, a thorough survey is done to check for failed light bulbs, trailing wires or anything that would detract from the final image and the room should be carefully dressed.  It is amazing what the eye will detect in a still image over that we truly notice, as we go about our day.  Naturally, in some cases, Photoshop must be used to touch up minor issues but never to the point of creating a dishonest representation.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone, e-mail or this inquiry form.  Thank you.