About Max Lawless

meFor many years an I.T. Professional based in the UK, Max Lawless is today a well known photographer and full-time Ibiza resident.

He began his professional photography career in 2010 and quickly found himself a niche; exploring the Ibiza dream.

Going from from strength-to-strength, he has enjoyed yearly publication in National and International newspapers and magazines with a range of celebrities including Calum Best, Guy Gerber, David Guetta, Spencer Matthews, Ashley Roberts (Pussycat Dolls), Vanessa White (Saturdays), Amy Willerton and many more; gaining press attention from as far away as Australia.

I’m inspired by the beauty and energy of Ibiza but more than that – the beauty and energy of the people under her spell.  She has a demonstrable effect upon the soul.  Ibiza is not just a place but a part of you.  Those who visit and those who stay know what I mean and that’s what I try to capture.  I consider it a privilege.

Of course there must be Universal balance.  Living and working here full-time can also be a special kind of challenge – but when I need to decompress, I need only stop and look around.

– Max Lawless

Max is known for a range photographic styles but his candid work, portraits especially stand out.  He always brings a sharp eye and a warm personality which enables him to be in the right place at the right time; to spot and capture the rarest, most fleeting moments and you can tell he cares deeply about each and every image he produces.  Beginning in 2013 he has moved gently but successfully into Wedding photography.  He is already in demand for both 2016 and 2017.

This section was kindly written by Jared Upton, friend and fellow Photographer